Privacy Policy

We thank you for your trust and confidence. We are committed to providing you, our customer, with competitive insurance products and services to help you meet your changing needs. We are equally committed to protecting the private and personal information we collect and maintain about you.

This notice describes our current privacy policy and practices about your nonpublic personal information (“NPI”). You do not need to contact us to benefit from our privacy protections. This notice applies to Ocean Breeze Insurance Company, (“we”, “our” or “us”), and their agents, if applicable. If you have a relationship with OCEAN BREEZE INSURANCE COMPANY or other OCEAN BREEZE INSURANCE Companies, you may receive privacy notices from them.

Why is it Needed?
To provide our insurance products to you, we gather personal information and NPI about you. Federal and state laws require us to tell you how we collect, share, and protect your personal information and NPI. Please read this notice to understand how we handle this information.

What is Collected?
The type of personal information and NPI we collect and share depends on the product you have with us. This information can include:

  • Social Security number
  • Personal medical information
  • Bank account number(s)

How is Your Information Protected?
We have implemented high standards to safeguard your personal information and NPI, and maintain strict control over access to such information, including the use of computer safeguards and secured files and buildings. These standards meet or exceed the federal and state law requirements. To ensure the safety and confidentiality of your personal information and NPI, we continually:

  • Review our policies and practices;
  • Monitor our computer networks;
  • Test the strength of our security;
  • Restrict employee access to those who need the information to perform their assigned duties and provide products and services to you; and
  • Perform full and thorough employee background screening to include criminal background and drug screening processes.


Do You Need to Do Anything?
For Ocean Breeze Insurance Company customers, you do NOT need to take any action in response to this Privacy Notice. Because we do not share your personal information or NPI with anyone other than as noted in this notice, you do not need to opt-out. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.

For Ocean Breeze Insurance Company customers, we do not share your personal information or NPI with anyone other than provided in this notice. If you would like to opt out of us sharing your personal information or NPI with nonaffiliates or other OCEAN BREEZE INSURANCE COMPANY to market their products or services to you, mail us at the address below or call 1-888-697-5478.

Our Privacy Principles:

o We do not sell or rent your personal information;

o We do not share your personal information with non-OCEAN BREEZE INSURANCE companies who want to market their products or services to you;

o We only allow OCEAN BREEZE INSURANCE Companies to use our customer information for their own marketing purposes;

o We require all entities providing products or services on our behalf to protect customer information;

o We do not share your medical information unless you expressly authorize it, it is permitted or required by law, or your application, policy, or contract with us permits disclosure; and

o All customers (former, existing, and potential) receive the same privacy protections.

Information We May Collect and Use:
Your personal information and NPI cannot be obtained from public sources such as telephone directories or government records. We seek to collect and use information that is necessary to conduct our business, advise you of our products and services, provide you with customer service, and confirm your identity. We may gather NPI about you through sources such as:


  • Applications, forms, and medical exams and tests that you complete.
  • Policies, certificates, and contracts for products that you have with us.
  • Written, electronic, telephone, and other communications from you or your agent.
  • Your transactions or experiences with us, such as payment, underwriting, and claim details.
  • Persons other than the individual or individuals proposed for coverage.


How We Use Information About You:
We use your personal information to:


  • Process your application;
  • Process your claim;
  • Provide customer service; and
  • Offer additional products that may suit your needs.


Confidentiality of Medical Information:
You may have concerns about the privacy and protection of your medical information. We only use and share personally identifiable medical information for the following purposes:

o To underwrite life insurance and make eligibility, risk rating, and policy/certificate/contract issuance determinations;

o To administer your policy/certificate/contract or claim; and

o For other purposes as required or permitted by law, such as in response to legal process.

Information We May Disclose:
We do not disclose NPI about you to anyone except as required or permitted by applicable law. We do not sell, or otherwise distribute for sale, customer lists or any NPI about our customers. To provide you with quality service, sometimes it is necessary for us to share your personal information with others.

We may share your personal information with:


  • An OCEAN BREEZE INSURANCE COMPANY insurance agent, or broker, if applicable, who is authorized to represent us to better serve you and help meet your product and service needs;
  • Companies or individuals performing services on our behalf such as marketing, printing, and mailing vendors;
  • MIB, Inc., consumer reporting agencies, or other entities as needed to underwrite policies, process claims, and protect against fraud; and
  • Regulatory authorities, law enforcement, or other government agencies as required by law or in response to a valid subpoena.


Information obtained from a report prepared by an insurance support organization may be retained by the insurance support organization and disclosed to other persons. We require all third parties providing services to us to keep confidential and protect NPI and to use it only for the services we have authorized.

Customer Records:
Maintaining complete and accurate customer information is important to us. In general, you have the right to review, copy, and correct your personal information. We will not make available to you any information collected in connection with or in anticipation of a claim or lawsuit in which you are involved. If you believe that any of our records are incorrect, you may notify us in writing of any correction(s). We will correct your information within 30 days or provide you with the reason(s) the change is not made and inform you of your right to file a statement about the correction(s). Your statement will be kept on file and provided to anyone reviewing your records. Any correction(s) will be sent to those parties who may have received information from us within the past two years or to support organizations that have received such information during the past seven years. If you believe that our records contain incorrect information, or you would like more information on how to view or correct your information, please contact us.

Ocean Breeze Insurance Company customers, please call 1-888-697-5478.

For Those Visiting Our Websites
Our concern for the privacy of your personal information extends to your use of our websites. We use technologies such as data encryption and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol to provide a high level of security and privacy when you use our websites.

We want to make you aware of how we use “cookies” and “do not track” browser signals when you visit our websites. “Cookies” are files we place in your computer’s browser to store your usage of our websites. “Cookies” help us to understand your usage of our websites, so we can frequently improve our websites. Our “cookies” are only used when you are visiting our websites. “Cookies” do not tell us your e-mail address or other personally identifiable information. Only you can provide that information on our websites. We may, through the assistance of trusted third parties identify you by your e-mail address while you are on the website, and by using cookies and tracking pixels. These trusted third parties may combine your e-mail address with other information so that we may communicate relevant marketing offers to you via email and/or mail. If you do not want us to collect information about you, please mail us at the address in the Contact Us section below or call 1-888-697-5478.

We do not track users who do not interact with our websites sharing functionality across the web; and thus do not use “do not track” signals. We do not authorize the collection of personally identifiable information from our websites for non-OCEAN BREEZE INSURANCE COMPANY use.

Our website offers customized features that require use of “HTTP cookies” and similar data files – tiny pieces of information that we ask your browser to store. We make very limited use of these data files. We don’t use them to pull data from your hard drive, to learn your email address, or to view data in cookies or other similar data files created by other websites. We will not share the information in these data files or give others access to it – except to help us better serve your needs.

When you visit our website, we may collect certain technical and navigational information, such as computer browser type, Internet protocol address, pages visited, and average time spent on our website. This information may be used, for example, to alert you about software compatibility issues or to resolve technical or service problems, or it may be analyzed to improve our site design and functionality, as well as our ability to serve you.

In certain instances, we may use third-party service providers to place advertisements for us on other websites and help us measure the effectiveness of our online advertising. These service providers may use cookies and tracking pixels, tiny invisible graphics that contain unique identifiers, to collect limited Web navigation information, such as the advertisement presented, IP address, operating system and browser type, and pages visited on our site. We do not provide any personally-identifiable information about our users or customers to these service providers, and they do not collect such information for us. These service providers and Ocean Breeze Insurance Company do not collect personally identifiable information over time and across other websites. We honor do not track browser settings and do not track requests of visitors of our websites.

For Those Receiving E-mails
We may communicate with you by e-mail about our products. If you would like to no longer receive e-mails about our products, please click the link at the bottom of the e-mail.

Contact Us
Thank you for choosing Ocean Breeze Insurance Company. We value you as a customer and appreciate the opportunity to serve you. For questions about our privacy policy, please contact our Administrative Office at:

Ocean Breeze Insurance Company
1300 North Federal Highway, Suite 102

Boca Raton, FL 33432